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What started in the late 90s as a trials program & field tour day, the 'Field of Dreams' became one of the largest single day crop tours in Western Canada. The objective of the program was to achieve yields on the Prairies that would break through pre-existing notions of what Wheat & Canola crops could produce, by planting the latest high performance seed varieties and applying all the macro & micro-nutrients the crop required, alongside the newest agronomic information we had.

Demonstrations of the large scale trials were then presented to the farming community with the information on how to maximize their productivity, increase their yields and profitability. 

Today the 'Field Of Dreams' has evolved into an evening 'Thank-A-Farmer' Event. Farmers are business owners trying to make their livelihoods profitable and sustainable in an industry that is tough and everchanging. Prairie Soils alongside some of our sponsors have put an evening together where the local farming community can get together, talk about the year to date, the upcoming Harvest and raise some money for the local 4H club, the STARS air ambulance and Do More Ag Foundation.

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