Many of our customers employ intensive crop production thanks to our first-hand, local and international knowledge. Our Agronomy Department is a leader in the industry. We conduct a multitude of field-scale trials every year with complete, unbiased results. Our expertise pertains to the development, design and implementation of professional and strategic nutrient plans as well as crop protection with a focus on soil chemistry, plant physiology, crop nutrition and environmental sustainability.

We are a leader in the industry when it comes to all of your anhydrous ammonia, dry fertilizer and micronutrient requirements. Our fleet of application and tank equipment, on-farm deliveries, and our vertically-integrated logistics and storage, provide you with the products and services that you require when you need them most.


Helping you maximize your productivity:

Agronomy and crop production

5 Post Season Review The Crop Enterprise Analysis

Post Harvest ▶ November

• Assess crop productivity
• Deliver post season input statement
• Assess variety performance
• Assess product choice and performance
• Identify any areas of improvement
• Set goals for next season

We have a plan.

Successful and informed, now that’s how you want to end the season

Research and Product Knowledge 

• Field of Dreams™ crop tour
• Field scale variety and product performance trials
• Innovative production systems
• Ongoing manufacturer prduct testing and research
• Unbiased independent trial results

We have a plan.

Our ongoing research, analysis and reporting provides you with the confidence you need to grow your business.


3 Early Season Scouting The Plant Health Builder

May ▶ July

• Field scouting for weeds, disease and pests
• Establish actual crop density through plant counts
• Advise on herbicide/fungicide products
• Tissue testing to check fertility package
• Advise on foliar nutrients

We have a plan.

Our evidence-based research gives you the confidence that the products you select are the best fit for your business

• Field scouting for weeds, diseases and pests
• Advise on herbicide/fungicide products
• Tissue test for deficiencies
• Advise on foliar nutrients
• Advise on harvest management options
• Assess yield based on head and kernel counts

We have a plan.

You can be assured that your crop will reach it’s maximum potential.

July ▶ September

4 Late Season Scouting The Yield Maximizer

1 Pre-season Planning The Crop Planning Advantage

• Test soil and assess nutrient levels
• Build fertility plans based on soil test results
• Determine cropping rotations
• Create fertility management plans
• Assist with fertilizer purchases
• Assist with seed selection and purchase
• Test seed health and germination

We have a plan.

Harvest ▶ December

• Customize input budgets
• Advise on fertilizer placement, rates and SBUs
• Advise on and calculate seeding rates
• Advise on pre and early post seeding herbicide
• Check and advise on seed placement
• Advise on seed treatment and seed nutrition

We have a plan.

Your crop is well established and on it’s way to it’s full growth potential.

2 Pre-Seed Planning The Head Start Approach

January ▶ May