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The Field of Dreams project was initiated in 1999. Our objective was to achieve yields that would break through pre-existing notions of what wheat and canola crops should produce on the Prairies by planting the latest high-performance seed varieties together with all the macro- and micronutrients as well as in crop treatments they require.

Every year, we set aside 160 acres for both wheat and canola large scale trials. With the most up-to-date agronomic information, we strive to maximize yields to gain new and useful knowledge for you, the farmer. Demonstrations of these fields are done on large scales to provide the farming community with the best information possible on achieving high yields, keeping in mind the simple fact that farmers sell bushels, not acres.

The final objective is to maximize productivity and increase yield, therefore reducing your cost per bushel of production and increasing your profitability.

We have seen some very positive results, and have adopted many key products and practices to maximize our productivity.

Many farming operations across the Prairies have adopted these practices and continue to benefit from them.

Local area research is an absolute necessity to help our customers stay on the forefront of the agriculture industry.